Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Messing with the Grandkids

A couple of months ago I took my cat, Little Bit, to the vet to get neutered and get his shots. When I got home I noticed on his vaccination sheet that they had tagged him as a Canine instead of Feline. Well, a few days later when my two older grandsons, 11 and 12, were playing with Little Bit, I had a mischievious idea. I told them that the vet said he was a dog and not a cat. Of course they didn't believe but I told them I had proof and showed them the sheet. I told them he was a rare breed of dog that looked like a cat. When I had them 99% sure he was a dog I told them that it was a typo and we all had a big laugh about it. I got the paper fixed and Little Bit is now a cat again


  1. I have a cat named Aniwa that retrieves toys like a dog, anyone else have a cat that does that?

  2. LOL! Had the grandsons almost convinced! LOL!
    Had cats before who plays ball (homemade of scrunched paper held together with rubber bands) and retrieve like dogs.