Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I know it's Wednesday but this is my first time so please bear with me. I'd like to start with someone who I was blessed to have as my friend for 19 years, Garfield. I know he looks nothing like the cartoon character but Garfield was big at the time and nothing would do for my children but to name him that. He was a wonderful cat and very intelligent. I could talk to him and it wo
uld seem as if he was listening and would offer the occasional meow in response.

He was also very cunning. One day my son, Mark, had been agitating old Gar (as we called him someitmes). Gar took it in stride but you could tell he was irritated. Well, night came and eventually Mark went to bed. Soon afterward I heard him yell. I went to see what was the matter. Well Gar had climbed into bed with him and bitten his nose! He waited until the right time to get his revenge. Smart cat!

The most touching time was when I picked him up from the vet after having him neutered. Now Gar was never a lap cat. He would sit beside you on the chair arm and watch tv but he didn't like to be held. Well, that day on the way home he crawled in my lap and rode there all the way home. Never before or since did he ever get in anyone's lap.

One unusual thing about him is that he liked salsa. Everytime I ate salsa and chips I had to put a small bowl of salsa down for him. He also had to lick every can I opened when I was cooking.

The most amazing thing about Gar was that he could actually say the word 'Mama'. Imagine my shock the first time I heard it! I freaked out! My family and friends thought it was so cool whenever he would say it. And he would always say it when he was trying to get my attention.

He was with us from 1979 to 1998 and it felt like I'd lost a child when he died. I think of him often and many times wish he was still here. But I have many fond memories of my good and close friend that make me smile and sometimes laugh when I think of the time he was in my life. I miss him very much.


  1. What a wonderful story and so sweet memories. My very first cat who lived for 20 years was also very special. She went with me everywhere even shopping !
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    Then the other group members can visit you too.

  2. Welcome and it is hard to lose a dear sweet cat after so many wonderful years. ♥ Jewelgirl

  3. Hi Judy!!!! Welcome to Cats on Tuesday, so nice to "see" you here! Aw, I was very moved by what you wrote about Gar and got a great big laugh about him biting your son on the nose to get back for being aggravated. :D