Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This story is about my cat Spooky who I was blessed to have in my life for around two years. My grandson, Blake, gave him to me as a Mother's Day present. I looked down at the tiny tuxie not realizing the bond that would form between me and this precious kitten.

From the very beginning I knew there was something special about Spooky. As he grew he would have nothing to do with anybody but me. Occasionally he would let someone else pet him but he let it be known that no one but me could hold him. And to me he was a very loving cat. He would get in my lap and reach his front legs around my neck and give me kisses. He was always rubbing his face against mine and giving me affectionate little head butts. He was always under foot, sitting in my lap, or sleeping with his front leg around my neck at night.

There was a strange incident that happened that makes me to this day believe that Spooky saved my life. I had a small bump come up on my nose that wouldn't go away but I paid it little attention. After a month or so, Spooky began to mess with it. When he'd get near my face he would try to gnaw on it. Naturally, I would stop him from it. Then there would be times I'd wake up in the night only to find him gnawing diligently on the bump. Fearing infection from his constant irritating of the bump I went to the doctor. Since it had been there for months she did a biopsy and it turned out to be cancer! Well, I had caught it in time and had it removed. After I was able to remove the bandages, Spooky inspected my nose and never bothered it again.

One of the worst days of my life was 10/13/08, the day I lost Spooky. Somehow he got out of the house and was gone by the time I realized it. I panicked! I combed the neighborhood with no luck. I put up and gave out fliers. I took out ads with pictures in the 3 local papers, offering a reward. Despite all this effort, I've never found him. I almost had a nervous breakdown right after losing him and a still cry over losing him every time I think of him. Even now.


  1. Yes, the void can still be felt.
    That's why my cats are not allowed to leave home.

  2. That's the worst what can happen to a loving cat owner, that the kitty disappears and you don't know what happened to him ! That's a terrible feeling ! I only suffered this for 4 days when Arthur had disappeared but I can never forget ! That's so sad that you don't know what he became.

  3. WELCOME! I get upset every time my Nelly decides to run out my back door....
    she is so fast, how she darts by my legs. So far I am lucky that she decides to climb the tree in our back yard and we can get her down. But I worry that some day she may go in another direction and we will lose her. So sad
    that you lost your sweet Spooky,he was a life saver for you. Very extra special kitty!